Can anyone please give me advice?

Okay so here it goes...I like this older boy and my one friend texted him off of my phone for a question and the rest of the night we kept texting. Then he got a job somewhere where i go like everyday and we always see each other and he smiles and waves at me and that day he texted me before and after work and during his break. Then that week he texted me like everyday then it just stopped. So i saw him and work at the beginning of the week and we said hi then he texted me during his break and after work then after school he said hi to me again. The whole point is I like him and obviously i don't know how he feels but it was just weird cause as soon as he woke up he wrote me and he always looks at me lol. Then after he texts me after that night it like stops and we don't text until like the next time we see each other, When we text I never know what to say and It's always the same thing. I don't want him to think I'm boring by not knowing what to say. Most of the time i just want to come out and ask him how he feels but I don't want to freak him out or want to be rejected cause we don't know alot about each other and I don't know how to ask him stuff without him thinking I'm a stalker lol. Can anyone give me advice on what to say when we text or anything to find out how he feels? :/
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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