RE: Franjoli's question; he says he wasn't doing anything wrong???? I have similar question

I found it by accident (I am not a snoop, I wish I had not looked now, as I am hurting but in a way I am pleased I did).

This is regarding my ex-boyfriend; when we met he got a text from a girl, he claimed that she lives in Asia, married, and used to be his girlfriend. but the contents of her text was not appropriate for an ex to an ex while being married woman.

Anyway, I let it go, but he travels to her country a lot. I once told him, he had obession with this girl and why do you go there 5 times a year (he did not take me with him, and we did not live together)

five months ago I saw a text from him to her, telling her that she was love of his life.

I could not approch him regarding this, as I should not have seen that, but he lent me his phone for a day, and I saw it. I did not know how to tell him, while I went to make phone calls, I snooped. never mind, snooping is snooping. but I was surprised to see her name so many times on the phone. on the send and recieved text.

He did not call me or text me, he said that he did not like calling or tecting. why did he communicate with a married woman whom he had split up 5 years ago.

He did not see why I was unhappy with our relationship. I

was I right to think that there was and is an emotional attachment between him and her.

Was I right to end it with him?
By tarana 14 years ago :: Dating
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