Am I being too sensitive? Or is he a jerk?

We've been together for 7-8 months. It's finals week. We spent close to everyday together the week before. He told me he'd be way too busy to hang out with me which I understood. When I mentioned getting dinner at least on Thursday he laughed and said something along the lines of "no way, I have two finals the next morning." He knew it made me sad thinking I wouldn't see him for about 5 days, and then for all of spring break afterwards. I even counted the days on my hand in front of him and he said "aww I'm sorry" and gave me a hug. Later I get an invite to our friend's thursday dinner. In the thread I said I couldn't go because I'd be too busy, but he wrote after me saying he'll definitely be right?

I told him later it made me really sad that he's too busy for me but he can make to this girl's dinner. I understand if he's getting sick of seeing me everyday, but he shouldn't lie and tell me he's too busy if thats not the case. He started talking to me online for a little bit making me feel better, then he told me to wait and that he'd be right back. 30 minutes later, I said I had to get to bed and signed off.

I went online in the morning to see if he ever actually came back and in my newsfeed it said he added a new friend, the time stamp on this was in between when he said he'd be right back and when I went to bed, and it said it was him who added her. It's this girl who is always at his house, his house is the hang out spot for everyone, but lately she keeps hitting on him (or so he tells me). A couple nights ago she asked him to to go to the lake and watch the stars with right? I don't mind him adding her on facebook, I just don't understand why he was on her facebook or looking her up when he told me he'd be right back and had me waiting. He also told me I shouldn't stop by his house, because we should both be too busy to study finals, its kind of lame because all my friends are his roommates or just go over there to hang out all the time. His house is the hangout spot, and I'm not allowed to hang out because my boyfriend doesn't want to be distracted by me. FML.

So my question: I know it is finals and I am stressed I being overly sensitive and taking it out on him? Am I being too needy for wanting to spend time with him this week? Should I just let it go, study for finals, go on spring break, and come back and act like this didn't happen? Or is he really being a jerk to me, and should I call him on it and possibly start a fight..during finals week..or should I wait until after finals and then tell him I didn't like how he treated me?
By lcahern 15 years ago :: Dating
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