Going further in our relationship?

Ughm I know that sounds ridiculous, but my boyfriend is a debt collector.

We live in Tokyo, and there are lots of gangs in the district where we live. (more like local mafia really). He's 26. I'm 21. He has an incredibly short fuse, but when no one angers him, he's pretty quieta and kind. He can quickly get into a fight and is pretty strong, but he never touches women. He also works as a bartender. And he's respected in our district.

We started dating accidentally, because he sort of saved me. But I haven't gone all the way with him yet, and he's never insisted on it. I have love making experience next to none,and I'm too embarassed to tell it to a person like him (sometimes it feels like he's a lot more mature than me).

And also.... my parents are going to visit me soon... they wanted to meet my boyfriend, but I'mcnot really sure if they should see him at all.. what do you think? He's really handsome and takes good care of himself. But I haven't told my parents anything about him except for his name.

Just to note: our relationship is serious. Well, at least not something 'dated, found another, left, bye bye". He holds onto me and I hold onto him.

That might sound ridiculous, but Y!A is actually the only place I can seek advice from, because I don't want to involve any of my friends and don't want unnecessary people to find out.

And also, I have small issue that others might find unimportant: sometimes I'm embarassed to tell him about any problems (if I have them), because I feel like he's so mature and I'm a total kid, even though I'm already 21. But whenever he finds out something, he always helps me.
But I guess I'm just embarassed to complain, because I'm not used to trusting men.
What to do about it?
By 13 years ago :: Dating
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