Does anyone here know anyone who has had pityriasis rosea???

OMG this is horrible. I was just diagnosed with this skin rash. I have never heard of this and I don't know anyone who has had it. What I do know I found on the internet. It is pure torture! I have had this for almost 3 weeks. The doctors don't know what causes it and there is no treatment for it. I am covered in rash all over my limbs, chest, back! Good grief it itches to high heaven! I am now coming down with a cold. All of this is known symptoms of this rash! I have bought everything in the world to try to get relief. Oatmeal baths, 2 types of aveeno soap, aveeno creams. It all helps for a short period but that's it. It looks horrible..though it isn't known to affect the face(fingers crossed here) it affects every other body part. I have been able to hide it with long sleeves and long pants but now it is slowing coming on my neck. I'd like to know if some of you have any ideas of things I could do. Hopefully someone here has dealt with this problem or knows someone that has. I have read that this can last anywhere from a few weeks but not more than 12 weeks! I can't take this that long! Leave it up to me to come down with something I have never heard of or seen. I often joke that I have had something from every alphabet now it's slowly becoming true. It kind of reminds me of when I had the measles..YIKES
By Lowalker 15 years ago :: General
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