what the hell am i doing wrong??

My fiance is a great guy for the most part. I love him but it seems i am never good enough in his eyes. he has been stressed out but he gets so mad at me. I just hada baby less than twelve weeks ago. I have already lost like 40 pounds. i have been trying not to be blah. well tonight he told me that he wishs he had the girlfriend that all his friends thought was hot...ouch. All his other girl friends were skanky snd slutty so i was appalled that he even said that to me. After the baby we decided we would get me a boob job. Well ya still waiting. I filled out my part of the loan but he has yet to do any of it as he promised. too lazy. its always about him. mostly i do not think its fair i am trying to take care of myself and yet he is complainig. what the hell
By tiffanymarie 15 years ago :: Dating
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