OK SideTaker, what gives?

That really was sucky what you did yesterday! No fighting on Valentines Day? WTH? People fight everyday of the year why should that day be any different? Maybe that day would have been a day when someone, male or female was upset and needed advice!!! We come here for our own reasons and I doubt that I was the only one perturbed at you. Power is one thing, taking it too far is quite another thing. This is "your" site, you can do with as you please, but you also have loyal members who come here everyday or so, it wasn't the fact that you had an opinion on Valentines Day and no fighting, it was the fact you used that opinion to force it down our throats as well. You could very well have had your say and let it go at that. No one else shut down because it was Valentines Day. What next, Easter, because someone might fight about the meaning of it, Christ vs the Bunny? Please.
By Jayde 14 years ago :: General
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