Private School or Public School

We have 3 daughters, ages 3, 5 and 7 - One of us, here-to-for known as “the Dad” is 41, and was educated in the public school system, and went on to receive a Master's Degree in Business. The other half, here-to-for known as “the Mom” is 36 and was educated in a private school system, and has gone on to obtain a Master's degree in Education. Since the birth of our first daughter in 2003, Mom has been a stay-at-home mom, although Dad does spend an equal time with the children. Dad has spent his career in sales/marketing and does work from home with the exception of 6-7 days each month in which he travels. As with most families, money has been tight, and the prospect of where all the kids will go to school has been frequently debated. In order for the kids to go to a private school, Mom will need to go back and work full-time, as Dad's income will provide well for everything that is needed, but could not support the cost of a private education. All three children have gone to a prestigious pre-school, and kindergarten, with the oldest now attending a private school first grade. Come this fall, mom will have to go back to work if the private school shall continue. The public school district in which we live is constantly ranked in the to 2%-3% of all school systems according to US News and World Report, as well as Newsweek (It is Conestoga HS, Berwyn PA). Dad argues that the concept of mom going back to work to pay for a private school education while in an excellent public school system is ridiculous. The mom says that public schools, regardless of how well they are ranked, are extremely poor places for education. Dad feels that the kids will get a superior education, and have the benefit of having mom at home to help handle the day-to-day activities. Mom's conviction is that the only way the kids will get a good education is at a private school. Despite mom going back to work, it will cause additional strain to the family income, and it is unlikely mom's salary will support the full cost of the private school, which will put the family into debt. Mom feels strongly that the private school education is worth the potential financial problems. Thoughts?
By My_Alias 14 years ago :: Parent/Child
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