what else can I do??????

Ok so my bf and I have been together for a year, and in that time ive started to get increasingly sick, urinary tract infections and other related issues. I am going to a specialist next week and we've been waiting forever for this appointment. And I just don't know what I can do other than what I am doing, which is going to the doctor and trying to figure it out. These problems also really affect my libido, which is one of the major problems for us, i know that i still want to fool around, but it just doesn't seem to work...The real problem is tho that he's starting to get so frustrated by it. I'm not trying to make him sound bad, I understand his point, but I am just afraid that if this is something that is a huge issue, a bad illness or something that he is going to leave. Because ya who wants to be with someone unhealthy? what else can i do?
By Uhmm 14 years ago :: Dating
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