I pressured my gf, and she thinks it was creepy and crazy, what should I do to fix it?

After our big fight, I wanted to see my gf. So we hung out, but I wanted to spend the night. She said no, so I proceeded to ask her why she didn't want to. She didn't answer why and said she I was making her very uncomfortable. Shes the type of girl who is not good or doesn't even express how she feels. And now, she doesn't even want to see me right now. What should I do?

And a few days later I was feeling upset and asked her if she still wanted to be with me, and she said yes. Shes the type of person that if she doesn't like you, or doesn't want to be with you, she will never talk to you or make an effort to call. She still calls me all the time, and text messages me also.
By 15 years ago :: Dating
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