when most people are thinking marriage.....i am 36 my bf is 54. we have been together for 5 years

we went into business together from our mutual decision of real estate....stupidly 2 years ago so of course it tanked.
now i find him cheating on me since he says....he does not trust ME??? i think i wrongly forgave him them found an email to the 24 year old girl in TAIWAN that he cheated on me with asking her how she is doing etc.... found out he gave her a piece of jewelery from HIS PAST
i was super hurt but then again i was checking his email.
i got so mad i was progressively mean to him since then he ...HE has broken up with me and told all our mutual friends he cant trust me!!! i thought by now we would be looking towards a better relationship. im sad but who was wrong here?
By Shanook 12 years ago :: Dating
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