what's wrong with me/my mother?

I really don't know what I should do about this problem. Since two weeks or something like that, my mother's behaving like...i dont know...just plain terrible. She terrorises me all the time
Since i had this problem with some "friends" (ive written bout that before) i am always lookig for new people. And there is this one girl who stood by my side from the beginning on and always listened to my problems. So i am very grateful for that she didnt let herself being influenced by the others. But she is not the typa girl my mother wants me to be with (means she smokes and has some tattoos & piercings). I have to say that i am pretty the opposite of her, not only from the outside. My style is more girlish/lady like and i think i have never seen her with a dress exept if we go out. And she dares to do things i would never do, sometimes she has very weird ideas and so on.
So all in one: my mom doesnt like her. For the last two weeks she always keeps telling me that it may be my fault too why my old "friends" treat me like they do. She says they maybe jealous about my character or my clothes (i have to admit that my style is pretty idividual but only for my class, there are other girls in older classes who dress the same way i do). But i dont understand why i should change myself to be popular again. It just freaks me out, why cant they accept me as i am?
Last friday i was standing in front of the school with my friend my mom doesn't like and she was smoking (again). I told my mother i was at basketball training so i would be home late, but truely i just wanted to learn maths with my friend because we had an exam on monday. Okay i have to admit that it was wrong that i lied but elsewise she would only get me grounded to keep me away from my friend. Well not exaktly grounded but at least she wouldnt allow me to meet with her. But fate wanted that my mother had to go to the doctor at the very same day with my brother. She drove by our school and saw me. I didnt smoke but she insists that she saw me holding a cigarette. In the end i told her the truth that i didnt go to training but i really really wasnt smoking. But she still thinks i am going the completely wrong way now and will end up as some kinda prostitute without any school degree. Well ok lets say not really like that but sorta.
Its just like she is: she overreacts, sees something, interprets it in her own way and in the end she believes its true and tells everyone how bad i am. For example my dad. He doesnt live with us so I cant talk to him very much but i know that he is mad at me because he wrote mit this sms to tell me not to go to soccer training after school today. So i think my mother already phoned him and told him thos lies. I'll see hm this weekend so i'll solve this problem later, but my mother just freaks me out, whatever i say is wrong and i am just too stupid to learn chemistry (well maybe i am) and if i continue the way i am now i will have no future in this world and so on and so on.
I know i wasnt the easiest child in the world to raise but why is she soo overreacting about anything that happens in the last time? It would be very nice if someone would help me.
By MsHelpless 14 years ago :: Parent/Child
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