How long should I wait (for her to make me 100% part of her life)?

I've been dating a wonderful young lady (age 32) for the past 4 months. We met in September of 09 and started dating in October of 09. To be frank, she's got everything I look for in a woman...she's honest, has a great sense of humor, is spiritual, is a great cook and is just all around great. Oh, and being a foot man, her feet are perfect. :)

When we met however, she was in the process of getting a "divorce", which she still is. I should also mention that she had separated from her husband since February of 09, which now makes it one full year (being that we're currently in March of 2010.

Her getting divorced doesn't bother me in the least...we all have out breakups. And I have no qualms with being there for her.

I do however have a problem being the "secret boyfriend". Although she has introduced me to her parents and brother-in-law, she's yet to introduce me to her sisters and won't invite me to special functions involving her friends and family fearing that she might be judged or that they may not like me because they believe it's too soon for her to start dating.

I no longer know what to think anymore. Is she unsure of us? Is she afraid of another failed relationship? Am I a rebound?

My main question is, "how long should I wait" before I give her an ultimatum? Either show faith in us and make me fully part of your life...or...lose me for good?

What do you think?
By Rene 14 years ago :: Dating
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