He's moving in with 3 other woman. Am I overreacting?

We've been toghether for almost 2 years now. He's a great man and treats me with lots of love and respect all the time. The same for me.

Due to my previous relationship I had a hard time to accept his feelings and to think about moving in together was even harder. But he kept telling me how great it would be. Not long ago we decided to move in together, but then I felt that he's not ready yet. Weird, I know. So I talked to him and I was right. Ok.

Since he has to move out (lives with his parents) I helped him to search for a flat to share with others. I also liked this idea since it saves money, he gets to know new friends etc.

He called me a couple of days ago to tell me what a nice place he found. I was really happy for him. The thing is that it's three girls he's moving in. I know he loves me and usually I'm not jealous at all. I just don't feel comfortable.

He's someone who really loves me, but: he likes woman very much. He likes to fantasize about woman and he thinks that love and sex can be seperated. He keeps telling me how nice it would be to have another woman in our relationship...Although this is something I don't want (I cannot seperate) I've never been angry or something. We always talk about things, about everything and we like it very much this way.

Now he tells me that he'll move in there. He didn't bother to ask for my oppinion though he knew that this is something I'd have my doubts about. Also: He wouldn't want me to live with other men (another man in our relationship would also be a total no go). I told him how i feel. That I feel uncomfortable and sad and dissapointed that he didn't talk to me first. I just find it disrespectful. That I am a little afraid of him (of the way he thinks about love and sex) and afraid that I won't be able to accept this situation, that I will change and show him how much I don't like it. And this might ruin our relationship.

I really try to accept it and trust him. He says that he would never cheat on me. He just loves the idea of us together with another woman.

What do you think?
By anci2sia 14 years ago :: Dating
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