What should i do about my boyfriend?

My boyfriend told me that he just can't trust me. He accused me of many things when we temporarily away from each other.. something that doesn't even make sense at all. my problem is no matter what i say, he thinks i'm trying to fool him. anything that i do afterwards, such as throwing the trash outside.. could lead hin to think that it's my excuse to pass by neighbor. i didn't throw the trash for a while after that.. let it pile up then. But i love him so much.. there's part of him i love.. he's such a sweet-talker... everyone is comfortable around him.. which he tends to manipulate sometimes...but he knows how to make people still comfortable with him. i feel so connected to him.. for some reason. Most of the times when his paranoid moment comes... i wasn't aware because there's nothing i was doing i thought was gonna lead him to create this nonsense things.. and i thought everything is just nornal...then suddenly he ignores me; pretend to sleep, and got up, grab his key not even telling me what's going on. and often i cried because i was hurting and so confused inside... he didn't even respond or come to realize how ridiculous the whole things are. He's like heartless or something,. he told me once that in this case, i'm not smarter than him so i shouldn't try to manipulate A manipulator. I got nothing to sayyyyyy!! He broke up with me last month and treated me like a piece of garbage ever since. But i always contacted him and this past one week we have been spending night together again. i can't let hin go but it's easy for hin to let me go because he thinks i deserve it for wanting some other guy. Losing him is a very hard thing for me to ever have to face... but losing hin when he still can't see the truth...when he still thinking what he accused me was real is the hardest part.
I feel like it's unfair.... but i'm still staying... what should i do??
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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