Goo Morning SideTaker people.

I did a lot of soul searching Thursday night and all day yesterday. I realize that there a lot of different personalities here. That being said. I wish everyone could always get along , posters and repliers, and try to reply as nicely as possible. I know that is not always going to happen however because sometimes we see questions as stupid or silly and then tempers can flair and words can fly out of your fingertips without thinking about them first. But wouldn't it be nice to at least give it an effort of thought before the emotions come pouring out? :) Just a thought. before replying? And those of you with the worst tempers, you can let me have it when or if you disagree with me. I can handle it. I have very tough skin. :) I have been learning that speaking before thinking isn't always the smartest move on my part. When I don't like the post. I want to be able to find a way to say so without horrible comments that could break someone's spirit. Some spirits are more easily harmed than others and how can we know what damage our words may cause after they're written? We can't. I was deeply upset by one poster and by my comments to her. I understood her pain and it was hard for me to come back here. I am here however and I hope maybe I can make a small difference. Thanks for "hearing" me out. Lily.
By LilyBlossom 14 years ago :: General
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