My father was an amazing man. He served in WW1....and was decorated with highest honor's. He was 62 yrs young when I was born...his first child. From the time I was 5-6 yr's old I can remember him telling me that in order to live a good life you had to A. Work Hard. B. Be kind to people. & C. Always, always tell the truth.
He said as I grew older that no matter what the circumstances were that if I told him the truth, everything would be good. If he ever found out I lied to him, there the trouble would start.
I never lied to him, and the worst punishment I ever suffered was being grounded. He never raised a hand to me at all.
Fast forward to my adult life. I was 31 yrs old and getting divorced for the second time. When I was moving into my own house shortly before the divorce was granted, I found a list that my soon to be ex husband had written out. He was anal about list's. A list for this, list for that. Always getting his thought's down on paper...drove me nuts. It was a list of my good/bad side's. The good side had many entries...good mother, good cook, positive attitude, hard worker....too many to remember actually. On the bad side it had one entry. Brutally honest.
So, being brought up to always tell the truth, and then seeing this....I was stunned. I thought honesty is my worst trait??
I brushed it off eventually and chalked it up to the fact that he was the type of man that would lie when the truth would sound so much better.
The older I've gotten, I've learned that sometimes saying nothing is better than saying anything at all. Maybe by the time I hit 60...the zipper on my lip's will be good and sturdy. Time will tell. I've got 10 yrs to practice.... :~))
So, what is your flaw?
By Mernie 14 years ago :: General
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