Should you put up with your boyfriend coming home late when he promised he'd be early--and it was important?

My boyfriend and I got into a serious argument today while he was at work.

The future of our relationship depends on this discussion. He originally wanted me to meet him for lunch at work (which would only give us about 45 minutes for something that is bound to take HOURS). He had plans to play poker with friends from work tonight and although he wouldn't bail on them, he said he would come home early. To me that would mean before 10pm (and I think that's being generous).

Well, I had to continually call him after 10, and each time he wouldn't even answer until I had called multiple times. Once his friend answered and hung up on me. He didn't apologize, didn't give me a time frame for when he'd be coming home, even though the fate of our relationship hangs in the balance. I had to hound him until just recently (at around 11:20 he told me he'd be leaving).

He won't be home until after 12 now, and probably won't think this is a big deal at all. It wouldn't be really (although it would be annoying), if we didn't have such huge issues to deal with and he hadn't PROMISED that he'd be home early.

Am I over-reacting, or do I have a right to be more than pissed at the inconsiderate, disrespectful piece of sh!t?
By honey_bee 14 years ago :: Dating
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