Can you changed your mind about someone in one week? like 3 months into the "realtionship"????

i've been talking to a guy for about a year... we were "technically" bf and gf
i did hurt him a couple of times.. but we soon got over it.. no cheating was involved or anything just simple things.. he was quite the past i told him that we were ONLY friends.. so last week i told him i needed to say something (it was really NOTHING) then he got mad because i wouldnt say it then he started twisting things saying that i say that he is the one who is always wrong.. then he said you know what? were only friends like you say.. and i told him that i wanted more than friendship with him and he said no.. that we were only going to be friends like what i said in the past.. i tried and tried and he sticks with no that we'll only be friends..
HE TOLD ME HE LOVES ME AND ALL OF A SUDDEN HE CHANGED HIS MIND? oh and he also said that he was having fun with his friends and gettting to know other people!! im soo upset!!
By imisshim05 14 years ago :: Dating
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