Love Triangle just got weirder...a lot weirder...

My boyfriend and ex-boyfriend live together. Seriously. They moved in a couple weeks ago..why... because they like each other so much. I didn't date them while they were friends...they barely knew each other before me. Now they are friends. Its perverted and sitcom worthy. If i didn't know for a fact they were both straight....

Apparently I have a type. They literally are the same person...except one of them didn't cheat on me. (three months ago i asked a question about them...which one to choose. I am not confused anymore. i choose B and we are great.)

In fact them living together is kind of nice. A is my best friend. B my boyfriend. Other then the no hanky panky rule its almost I can make them both dinner. Fold laundry and know exactly whos is whos. We go out and have an awesome time. It never feels awkward, we joke about it even. Surprisingly the only jealousy is on my part. If XBOX is on i may as well leave.

But is this you think the other shoe is gonna drop like a bomb or can i relax and enjoy our very unusual life?Because they''ve both asked me to move in worries I am not that crazy. ;)
By Firefightress 14 years ago :: Dating
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