we are broke because of his spending! HELP!

my boyfriend and i have been living together for about 2 years. lately he has beek broke. he makes more than i do, and i pay half of everything. the other day at taco bell his card was declined for a $10 order.... extremely embarassed, i pulled out my card and gave it to the cashier. today, he got a bank statement and started saying how he thinks that someone else is spending his money at chilis and stuff. i said, oh my god, lets go to the bank right now, on the way over there i took out a pen and was going to underline all the things that he didnt spend. while looking at the statement he was acting really funny and kept on trying to pull it away from me. and now i know why he didnt want me to see it, he had been spening A LOT of money on rediculous things that he didnt tell me about. $70 on some credit report thing, 50 on games on x box, 100 on fast food and 40 that he let a friend borrow so his mom would see that he bought a match.com membership on his bank statement.... WE ARE NOT IN THE FINANCIAL POSITION TO BE LENDING MONEY! and there were a bunch of other things ont here that i had no idea about. i have been paying for everything for weeks because i thought he was acctually broke because of bills... im so angry right now and just this month he owes me over $140. i just dont know what to do about this, i never knew he was lying to me and i feel really dumb for missing it. i just dont know how i should react. please help
By psychmajor 14 years ago :: Dating
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