What should i do about everything????

Im kinda dating this guy named scott and my parenta HATE him because he used to date my cousin and then he told my cousin that he thought i was cute after meeting me one time and we started talk and stuff and then we started to hang out and one time that w hung out we kissed and my cousin got pissed and they broke up and my cousin was mad but she got over it and then one day i went to my friend dopeys house and we went over to my friend dopeys house amd e were just gonna hang out but then we went to scotts and cj drove us an my mom dosent like cj either cause hes 19 and im only 15 and cj and i had this thing but he had a girlfriend too and that day that i went to dopeys but went to scotts with them dopey said the plan was that we were gonna go to scotts and he was honna get scotts money and i waa gonna get his dick wet and so when we gor over there dopey let and scott and i went in in his room and had sex and then dopey came back and we went and smoked out in the park and then they dropped me off at my dads and now my parents have been mad at me ever since especially since recentaly we ha a 1/2 day at school so i went to scotts cause he lives right by my school and my parents thought i had a full day and i was gonna go home like the time school actually got out but i didnt want to so i just stayed ther and my parents came and found me an embarrased me sooooo much and now they have been mad at m ever since and i dont want to stay here....
By Marissa72 14 years ago :: General
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