When someone on Sidetakers needs support with a genuine problem, why do people reply with snide remarks and sa

Hello friends. I found Sidetakers recently and have read a lot of these questions and replies. I've noticed that some people most the time seem so annoyed and just use sarcasm in their replies. I feel like this sites a great opportunity for us to get free outside help and suggestions on things in our lives that overwhelm us, and its an opportunity for us to listen and change for the better. When I read some of these, I can feel someone elses pain and put myself in their shoes and give them some good suggestions and/or ideas. If I think the post is a joke, I skip it, don't encourage them by giving them the attention their seeking. But, we don't really know how down someone might be, so why make fun of someone and cut them down or be all negative? It only makes you look like the only way you can ever feel good about yourself is by cutting someone else down. So, who really has the issues here then? So I just thought of something that can possibly help us before we so quickly display our monumental wisdom when we can't even run our own lives right. Lol. "If you can't say something nice,,,don't push "Reply" and give Advice......
By Makayla10 14 years ago :: General
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