Am I falling out of love with my boyfriend?

I have been dating him for almost 5 years now. He was the one to make the first move. He still makes the first move. He cares for me a lot, takes cares of my needs, likes and dislikes and is very honest. But i think i don't feel as passionately for him as he does for me. Also, as he is neither too good looking nor very rich, my parents may not approve of him (my parents don't know about him). His love for me outweighs my feelings for him. Sometimes i get really troubled by this that my contribution to this relationship in terms of love and care is far less than his. He only sometimes says the same. Is it that i never really fell in "love" with him or am i falling out of love with him? He says that my one kiss or touch blows his mind away, however, the same never happens to me. I never yearn for him physically. Are my feeling for him purely platonic? I am so confused!
By Nera 14 years ago :: Dating
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