Am I overreacting? Being too hasty? I don't wanna be the gf that sounds obsessive!!

I've just met my boyfriend in a chatroom and we both started lked each other almost immediately. We just started dating. He's the sweetest thing ever. Well, it's a long distance relationship aswell. Whenever he gets on msn, he IMs me almost immediately and ahhh, I go crazy when he does that! lol.

But recently he gotta job and now, he barely gets on. I mean, it's only been a day that we haven't talked and I know it's prolly gonna drag on, but I have to understand that he might be tired. And besides, before he got the job, he was always with me thru almost every single nite and even when he's out with his friends we would still chat.

Do you think this relationship would work? Shuld I wait for him to get on again? Am I just overreacting???
By Lolligerl23 13 years ago :: Dating
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