Should I settle for friendship or go for more?

So after a relationship of 7yrs, and a tough 12mnth aftermath, I've managed to meet someone that I started to like from day one. First we had casual conversations about some mutual interests but soon those conversations lasted hours where we only could see that we have an almost identical view on things. The only problem is that somethings that were said are ambiguous to say the least. And if at one time they sound like she wants more than friendship aswell, but wants to take it slow, an other time it all sounds too casual for my comfort. I know I'm searching for some kind of comfirmation for my feelings but I don't want to lie to myself aswell. One thing that got stuck in my head is that she mentioned a few times how she can't understand that people fall head over heals (she even broke off her last relationship after a few days 'cause the guy told her he loved her too soon) and that's why I've been rather reserved about the whole thing.
The problem is my feelings say that I'm overshooting my window here and will end up as a friend not knowing what might have been..
I'm especially looking for an insight in this part of the female psyche, so ladies do your best, please. (other answers are always welcome ofcourse..)
By AgentOrange 14 years ago :: Dating
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