When to know when you are either being played or dumped or neither?

I met this what I would think wonderful man on a dating site, we talked about 5 months ago. We really clicked. But then I was in the beginning of a divorce and came across bitter and that turned him off. So he decided to end it. I was devastated. Well, I still had his email, so I emailed him explaining how I felt. No response. I kept in touch by forwarding emails that were jokes etc. Just to poke at him now and then and let him know I was still here. Well it worked 1 month ago, he emailed me his number and said to call him. Well we picked up where we left off. He was extremely adamant like before of wanting to marry me, felt I was the one. We seem to have a LOT in common, including our mental illness that scares most people away as soon as the words are muttered. He after 2 weeks of calling, texting everyday thru out the day, he told me he loved me. Now I was aware of some of the caution flags. But just sat back and waited to see how it goes. We met in person over a week ago, spent the weekend together had a wonderful time. Clicked and the passion was wowsy! NEVER had I had this with any guy before and I been dating for 17 yrs! So yes head of heels crazy in love with him and I think he is too. Now this is the thing, we are both in vulnerable emotional positions. I am in the end of a divorce after months of fighting with my ex the paper work is finally in. He, my boyfriend, well is in court ordered rehab, he is doing great been sober for 8 months. We planned on dating like "normal" ppl when he gets done. Anyway he is doing so well, that they transferred him from one state to another to work on the Reservation for 2 months helping others then should be done early. Well last week after I came back things seemed well between us, continued getting texts and calls. Then Friday evening they stopped. IDKY, then after i sent him a text on Sunday; "I still love you, have a safe trip." he texted me back saying I love you too. We texted a few times on Monday, nothing on Tues, just 1 text saying I love u on Wed. Only getting these texts after I sent him texts. No phone calls, he did call this morning after I had a moment last night saying "I dont care if you are playing me i still love u and no girl will get u and love u like i do." But i didn't hear my phone ring, so I didn't talk to him. So.. i know I am crazy and so is he! LOL Aren't we a great pair! No insults! LOL I do that enough to myself! Anyway my family and friends say just chill out, he is busy and has no freedom and probably having a combo guy and mental moment. They said stop texting him.. and let him miss u..I guess whats bothering me.. is not the no calls is not knowing what the heck is going on over there? And he said, he is NOT allowed to date while he is in this program.. my Dad says that's probably true. I don't know is it? Maybe I am just paranoid. i know they're isnt anything I can do to stop him from breaking up with me.. but this not knowing is killing me! Any advice besides Running becuz I aint running.. I wont listen. LOL Sorry.. Thanks for anyone's advice...
By Bittenbutterfly 14 years ago :: Dating
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