Ladies i need your precious advice on this

I got dumped 3wks ago. I'm trying hard to move on with my life because i sincerely believe i can do better.Now that the affair is over i'm starting to see things i couldn't.Ladies i have a few questions to ask you that may help clarify my judgement.I was in a long distance relationship with a single mom.She got back with her husband after she left and they later split.She claimed she was carrying my child when she left.She left on the 5th of December we were last intimate in November.The child was born on 2 September the next year.She went quiet on me from January of the year of the child's birth.I found out she had given birth after i called her sister in October.We had the relationship for 2yrs.She only sent me photos of the child this year we broke up.We used to fight over the kids photos.She'd never let me talk to the kid over the phone.She said she wanted to come to my country and said she had sent the child's birth certificate so i could apply for a name change and hence a passport for the child.I didn't find a passport.She later said she misplaced it at the copier's.She dumped me for the thousandth time after i saw the baby's photos and just said how much he resembled the ex-husband's daughter.I introduced this woman to all my relatives.she never introduced me to hers.We had planned to get married next month and had been saving money for over a year.We both sacrificed.Out of the blues she told me it wasn't working out.A month before we finally accomplished our goal.She was supposed to have come last year.She dumped me again after we argued over her goin to an indecent spot.She got a 40000 dollar loan and i never heard from her.I was always begging her to put effort in us.My question is,was this woman true?How do i escape this mentality i have that i'll never find anyone like her and i'll be miserable for the rest of my life?Do you think this child is mine?
By dhewa 14 years ago :: Dating
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