Is he into me or is he just playing?

Need some advice. So this guy at work seems to show signs of liking me. I catch him checking me out no big deal since he checks out most hot girls. He's very shy and awkward around me. Never makes eye contact, he hums every time he passes me or sighs loudly. This is kinda out of character because he's an alpha male otherwise.. very opinionated, driven etc.

Don't know what to make of all this. Anyway he's been bringing up going on dates with other girls and always looks my way to see my reaction.

a few days back we went out with co-workers for an event. when it was time to leave he said if he wanted to he could take a girl home but he was just not feeling up to it plus the girls he kept meeting meeting were too easy and he was just not into that. he looks my way to see if I have a reaction.

So help me out .. Is he trying to see if I'll get with him or if I am interested? Not into guys who keep brining up sexual conquests to test my reaction but help me out because I need to know.
By candystriper 11 years ago :: Dating
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