Is he right? Am i being selfish? Bf and birthday dilemma...

It is my mates 20th on the weekend and as a suprise another mate and I are taking him away for the weekend (from midday Saturday- his birthday is the Sunday).

We live in Brisbane and are staying on the Gold Coast.

My partner is away for work (for 6 days) and flys back to Brisbane Sunday afternoon. He found out today that his flight arrives at 2.30pm.

So this is the problem. My partner thinks that I should pick him up from the airport on Sunday even though i have pre-plans with this weekend away. If he arrived later on Sunday afternoon this would not be an issue. However, I am the driver for this birthday occasion so leaving halfway through my friends big day does not affect just me but everybody (including the birthday boy). I think this is unfair on both my mates involved.

He is calling me selfish and accusing me of not putting any effort into our relationship. He is arguing that as he has picked me up from the airport before and that i should pick him up on Sunday regardless of my plans.

(He has picked me up on two occasions over 14months- both times he had 8+ weeks notice of arrival times. I had also told him that if he was unable to pick me up that i would happily get the train, no biggy)

Take into account:

- I will be 90+ minutes from the airport for my friends birthday.
- I would have no issues getting him if it did not affect my two mates
- My two mates would need to cut their day short as well due to me being the driver
- It's my friends birthday on the Sunday so I feel it would be rude to cut his celebrations short (the whole point of this weekend away)
- These plans were made last week before he knew his arrival times
- I told him straight up that i may not be able to get him (dependent on time)
- His mother has offered to pick him up if i couldn't

So am i being selfish?? I feel that I am only thinking of my two friends involved. I want my friend to have an awesome time on his birthday and I wouldn't feel right cutting his day in half.

My partner has also threatened to leave me if i don't pick him up. He feels like i should drop everything for him. He feels as if he is more important than my friends birthday.
By Curious24 14 years ago :: Dating
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