Am I being selfish and expecting too much??

Ok so it's my 21st in January and I'm having a party. For my party I would like a traditional slideshow- pictures of me growing up etc etc. I mentioned this to my partner of 15 months and he thinks I'm being selfish and expecting too much.

His argument being that:
1. I'm asking too much of my friends and family
2. It's not necessary
3. I can't just expect people to fall at me feet and set aside time in their day to go to the effort of putting one together
4. He didn't get one

My friends and I have decided on doing slideshows for our 21sts and have no issues putting mine together (I will be returning the favor).

My partner had a clubbing party for his 21st and his mum put together a scrapbook of him growing up. I did not put a slideshow together as we had only been together for a couple of months. I did say that I was happy to help make one- just didn't feel I should be in charge.

By Curious24 14 years ago :: General
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