Please help me make a decision

He has a house here in the states and was rented out. His been living abroad for the past 2years and we are engage. The handy guy (does very good work and cheap)does not have a car so I have to pick him up and drive about 10 to 15 minutes to the rental home.

Three weeks ago the microwave which is above the stove came loose. He wanted me to contact the handy guy that he knows. I explained to him that the job would have to wait until the upcoming week because my front and back breaks needed to be replaced. He said in sarcastic tone of voice "oh okay if that micro falls on someone you and I will paying a lawsuit maybe for the next two years. Well I contacted the handy guy to find out when he would be available.
I contacted the tenant she said that week was not good for her because her husband had just come from the hospital. I emailed her again and ask if I can go by with the handy guy just to remove the microwave and the work would be completed at another time. She allowed us to come into the home and remove the microwave.
When I was there the husband was talking to me and the handy guy so he appeared to be okay and I said would it be any incovenience if the work gets done today. He said no problem at all so I contacted my fiance to let him know that the job can be done on that day so I needed to ask him if he wanted over the stove a new microwave or just a vent;I also needed to tell him about another thing (which I don't remember the name) which the handy guy wanted to add to the installation of either the micro or vent. I called my fiance and he says you needed to do one thing...which was to take the micro down and go home and I said well your handy guy said blah blah so I wanted to know. He says if you want to chance the plans that we previously made then you make the decision.

I went to home depot got the vent instead and I texted him & said that all I wanted to tell him what was going and that I did not get an input from him.
When I got home and spoke to him via skype he says...We had agree that you were going there just to remove the micro and go at another time. I said, why would i do that if can kill 2bird w/one stone. I said things change because we thought the tenant was not doing well, he had just come out of the hospital but when I was there he was speaking and walking around so I ask if there was no incovenience to finish the job he said it was fine and the that is when decided to call you to tell you what the handy guy was suggesting.
My fiance say so you decided to change what was planned and that I had ruined his entire evening out. While speaking to me, he continue to say that I ruined his whole evening. My fiance had gone to eat with one his friends. He said you are a mess, you don't know how to make a decision on your own. I told him hey look I do not own this property and I wanted to make sure you that you knew what the handy guy suggested. Had the house being mine I would have known exactly what to do. I also told him that he should be grateful that I am there to help him out with the house. I also reminded how much I have helped him. The last tenants left the house a complete mess. I stood my him and helped scrub and paint the house. He wanted to hire people to clean and paint but he has debt so I told him no I will help you. I became very hurt because here I am trying to help him with his house and his becoming upset with me.

The job did not get done that evening because by the time I got from home depot and back to the house it became dark so I said I will come back next week. I took the vent out of my car and left it with the tenants. After my fiance became so rude with me I went back the next day and picked up the things and returned them to home depot. I was so upset with him that I send an email to his lawyer and cc him on it too (she's in charge of the house) the following is what i wrote....the landlord so and so had not paid me for the purchases I had made and that i would be picking up the items.
I know this was very inmature of me but the way he spoke to me and tell me that he wasn't going to speak to me made feel that the relationship was over. I am also very stress dealing with a long distance relationship. We are suppose to get marry in December through the court so I can move with to the country in which is currently leaving and getting marry by the church june 2011
Since last week we have began to speak again. He tells me he loves me very and that he does not want to argue.He just text today asking me the following>>>confirming that you want nothing to do with the house. The lawyer emailed me today, so i need to advise her.....
I don't want to help him because of how he treated me while was trying to help him. I feel that if I end up help him he would treat me anyway he wants to. My mom tells me oh his very nice and is always there for you and I think you should him. I get confuse because i don't really want to listen to my mom's advice as my father treated her like dirt and he was the king of the house. What should I do?
By rcmm 14 years ago :: General
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