Was I out of bounds, or was he rude?

Yesterday I was reading a book alone in the bedroom, when my
live-in boyfriend came in, obviously bored and wanting to talk. I stopped reading and we talked for a few minutes, but it was mainly him talking. When he seemed to come to an end or pause of what he wanted to say I joined in, because I was interested and had something to say. That's generally how a conversation works! However when I was midsentence he got up and left. Mildly offended I called out "hellooo? Talking here?" and he came back and was like "oh? Was it important?" and I was flabbergasted. What we were talking about wasn't very important (a movie) but that he came an interrupted me to talk about it, and then didn't care what I had to say and walked off wihout a word seemed rude to me.

I said that was like something his much younger brother would do, and he got seriously offended. Please note that his brother constantly interrupts while others are talking, or walks off, and says "but it wasn't interesting anyway" and my boyfriend has been trying to teach him about politeness for ages!
Anyway, he got really offended with me for comparing the two and said that now I'd made a 'really big mistake' and stormed off. I hadn't meant for it to be that offensive and still don't really understand why it was. The behaviour seemed really similar and I was just trying to point out that he constantly told his younger brother not to act like that, so why was he?

Anyway, we sorted it out and stopped squabbling about it, but I had to take back and apologize profusely for comparing them before he'd stop being annoyed. I'm still not sure I was the rude one here! I'd like to know whether other ppl would consider what I said out of bounds, or what he did quite rude. I'm not going to bring his up with him again, but I was just so startled by him leaving so rudely, and then getting so offended at the comparison I made, that I'd just like to know what other think of the situation!
By ProbablyPushy 14 years ago :: Dating
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