should i take a massive chance for love?

my boyfriend and i have been together for 2 years. he is in the marines now and its been killing me fot the last 10 months. he lives in georgia and i live in texas, i go up to see him as much as i can because he only gets to go on leave once every 4-5 months. but commuting to georgia and back is extremely expensive. i was thinking about moving up there and transfering to a university up there. but i am still on the fence about it. i would be leaving all of my family, my job, my school, and my friends. but on the other hand, im at a community college, i have a bad job, and half of my friends are off at different schools and the other half of them sleep till 3pm and dont do anything other than party... but i gues thats normal for 21 year old people. but im starting to think about who i want to be with for the rest of my life and who i want to have kids with and where i want to settle down, because i cant stand the weather here.... the only real thing i have here is my family, and i dont get along with 3/4 of them... so, i think to myself, why shouldnt i go? there is nothing for me here, all i want to do is be with him. then i think, yeah but what if i fall on my face and end up stuck half way across the country, and can i realy handle being a military wife and mother? am i strong enough for this? icant decide what to do and ive got less than 6 months before i was planning on moving up there... help me please
By psychmajor 14 years ago :: Dating
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