What Should he do?

I need some advice for a friend. Male and female views are both welcomed.

So, he and his girlfriend have been together for a while, nearly 2 years. He says he's never loved a woman this much but he's in a bind and really confused. He's worried that, while maybe she hasn't been unfaithful yet, she does thing that make him think she will, at some point, cheat. His first concern was while they were out with friends one night. Everyone was having a good time and drinking was involved. She was out dancing with one of her girlfriends and after a little bit of liquid courage, he went and joined them. Before the song could finish, she and her friend got up on a small stage with a pole. His girlfriend started staring at the singer that was performing and proceeded to shake her ass at him. He said he went and sat down and pretty much stayed there until they left later that evening. The next morning he said something about it and her response was "I was drunk and I wanted to dance!". He mentioned that he was dancing WITH her and apparently she'd rather dance for someone else. The weeks went by and it was water under the bridge. The next thing that bothered him was when he was working in another city and she met him out there. He had to work, but it was agreed that it would be a good thing, as she had never been to that city before, and thought it would be fun. The day after she arrives, she was SO alone that 5 hours after he left for work, she drank a little too much wine and left his hotel with 6 strange men and hung out with them for hours, all the while ignoring his texts. When she did respond, she attacked him. She told him that his ex "wins" and that meeting him out there was a huge mistake. He plead with her when she said she was leaving the next morning and tried to talk to her when he got back to the hotel. He asked her what happened and she repeatedly changed her story of what she did and where she went. He asked if she had given any of them her number or had texted any of them and she said "NO!". They met some friends down at a bar and she received a text around midnight. She turned her back to him to view it, and acted like it never happened. The next day, he had a feeling something wasn't right. He checked her phone usage and saw that she HAD..in-fact..been texting one of the guys she was out with the night before. He asked to see the texts, but she said she deleted them because they weren't important. That mess blows over and he tries to forget about it. The last incident to happen was a couple of weeks ago. They had gone out to celebrate a friend's birthday. She had quite a bit to drink that night. This may be personal and intimate, but it is necessary for the purpose of the story, and your opinions. When they got home that night, they made love. While making love, she asks him how it feels. He replies "You feel amazing, baby." Her response was, "I wish your cousin could feel this." He didn't know what to do. He took a walk. When he came back, he asked her why she would say something like that. She was half asleep and past drunk at this point. He asked "So you want to fuck my cousin?" She replied with a drunken " YES!" "You do? You're sure?" he asked. "Yeah, I do..." she said. Then he got angry and she jumped up saying "I'm drunk and you made me say it!". He doesn't know what he did to make her say those things.

What should he do? If he truly loves her more than he could ever love another, then should he just forgive and forget? My concern is, if he DOES love her more than he could ever love another, she will hurt him more than anyone else ever could.
By BTCSeven 13 years ago :: Dating
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