is it ok for me to expect him to make the effort, or should i be doing more?

i have 2 children to 2 different fathers. not the situation i had planned. even worse is that both fathers live over an hour away in opposite directions. i dont have a care. my 10 yr olds father has him every weekend and a couple of hours 1 day a week 4 basketball. he picks him up and drops him off every time as i dont have a car. my daughters father see's her 2 days every fortnight, but refuses to do the trip here and back to get here. i offered to catch a train and meet him or his mother halfway as i needed to be back home 2 meet my eldest after school. the answer my ex has to the situation is to not see his daughter at all. Am i in the wrong for asking him to pick her up and drop her off as i am unable? i'm not interested in 'winning' the argument, i'm just not sure if i should cave in to his demands or stand my ground.
By kimmie09 13 years ago :: Parent/Child
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