why do i feel like i am never going to be good enough?

my boyfriend and i have been together for almost two years now, and for the most part, we have a really good relationship. however, i have noticed that within the past year, i have begun to feel like i am never going to be good enough for my boyfriend. you see, my boyfriend and i are both asian, but he has an obsession with white girls (sorry if that phrase offends anyone!). i know, for a fact, that he wants to hook up with 'a hot white girl' because he has admitted it to me and he is always telling his guy friends how much he wants to hook up with one, and how when we go out and he sees hot white girls, he can only drool over them because he's in a relationship. now call me crazy, but this DRIVES me crazy and makes me feel like i'm not good enough for him. i'm obviously not white and that is never going to change...so i'm afraid eventually he will cheat on me with the next 'hot' white girl he sees. i know i shouldn't be with a guy who makes me feel this way, but i love him dearly and i hope to have a future with him. but i don't know how much more of this i can take because it obviously damages my self-esteem. i've tried to tell him that this... obsession bothers me, but he thinks i am being too insensitive. am i? i mean, if he is in this with me for the long run, shouldn't he be happy with the person that i am? please help!!
By bewildered86 13 years ago :: Dating
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