closure for my 4 month old baby's death

I lost my son of four months last August. I have recently received the coroners report which i felt asked more question than it answered... His cause of death was stated as unascertainable (pending ongoing investigation). I rang the coroners office and was rudely told because co-sleeping was a factor that it is not a SIDS case. Though all the research i have done show's that my son ticked all the boxes as a typical SIDS case and was backed up by my doctors who said the same.
After many hours researching the topic i found that Western Australia doesn't use the term SIDS any more but for the life of me i can't figure out why! I'm looking for parents in Western Australia that have received the same outcome with the loss of a child.
We all know that SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is not a cause of death only a name given to an unknown or explainable death so it makes me wonder why my case is different and what gives our coroners the right to decide to call it something different? And as i read through all the official SIDS statistics i see that there is a huge decrease in SIDS deaths in the last five years... so is there? or is it that they are not counting all these deaths classed as unascertainable.
In the end of the day they are all just words but i feel as though my child should be in those statistics helping to find a cure for this horrible syndrome. And i wonder if i even have the right to use the term SIDS considering his death certificate says other wise?
I would love to hear from others in my situation or just what you think about it.
thank you
By hell_to_the_no 13 years ago :: Parent/Child
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