Would you date an obese person?

Here's the scenario. I've recently run into an old friend from my past. We currently live in different cities (he's in my hometown), and we've done alot of talking over the phone since reconnecting. I LOVE talking to him. He makes me feel as if I could share anything and everything with him. He makes me feel special and beautiful. I think he's smart, charismatic, successful, funny, macho, driven and creative. And he seems to adore me, and says that he wants to persue something serious...possibly even marriage. He has no children and he's expressed that he's ready to start a family as well and would love to make me a Wife and a Mother. There's just one hitch: He's 300 lbs. I love his face, his eyes and his lips....but I'm scared that when we see each other I won't be physically attracted to him. I don't want to be shallow, and I feel like if I could overlook this one thing, I would find a love that would be soo transcending, that it wouldn't matter how he looks....but is that real? Am I settling? What would you do? If anyones ever been in this situation, please share your experience with me. I don't want to miss out on the love of my life because of something that could turn out to be MY issues. Or, am I trying too hard?
By Shufly 13 years ago :: Dating
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