Is dating someone 19 years younger than you, okay?

Approximately 3 months ago I started taking dance classes and in the process I met someone genuinely sweet and kind.

To make a long story short, in the 3rd week of class, we exchanged a few words, I learned that she joined with a friend, and that she lives just a few minutes from where I live. The following week, I Iearned that she came without her friend (he was busy), and unfortunately had a miserable trip taking public transporation to class. Knowing that she lived a few mins away from my house, I naturally offered her a ride home.

Always assuming that she was about 25/26 years of age, during casual conversation on the ride home, I learned that she was actually 20 (I am 39).

Fast forward a bit, and we've become very very good friends and come to the point where we like each other a bit more than friends.

We've dicussed the age gap and both agreed that it is kind of large...however, we have so much in common and get along better with one another than with anyone else that we're both tempted to try to be with one another. I should emphasize, that we get along great!!!!

We're still on the fence on how to proceed taking into account the backlash we'll receive from the general public regarding the age gap.

So, what do you think? Can it be done? Should we do it? I'm curious to hear what you think.
By Rene 12 years ago :: Dating
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