I think my boyfriend is thoughtful, my mother thinks he's cheap. Which is it?

I have no problem with how much my boyfriend spends on me, but my mom thinks he's cheap. We are both college students so we don't have too much money to spend on things other than rent, food, books, and classes. For christmas we decided to spend no more than $10 on each other...he had a picture of the two of us framed and i got him a blanket with a cartoon character he likes. For Valentine's day he got me a box of truffles from my favorite candy store and I got him a chocolate rose from target. For my birthday he got me a hardcover of Alice and Wonderland, a book I've mentioned a few times I've wanted to read and he remembered somehow, and he also got me more truffles. Is he cheap? Am I stupid for not thinking he's cheap?
By jlbernst 15 years ago :: Dating
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