Why do I always feel like nobody understands me, and I end up leaving the conversation and walk away?

I usually don't talk much, specially don't like to talk about my problems or stuff happening with me, because i don't think that anybody can help me more than i can help myself, and its most probably because i think that others cant understand my problem better than me...but sometimes when I am asked to talk, and i start stating the problem or what happened, i try to explain why i took that certain action, but i always end up with "you were wrong in doing that" or "you overreacted, you shouldn't have done that" and i get frustrated because i think that i took the right action somehow, and the only problem is that i am unable to explain why i did it, and end up feeling that the other person doesn't understand me, thats why i shut up and close the conversation or leave if i feel like i m getting blamed. But i know somewhere i m missing something, there is something wrong that i cant seem to find, i would like to see your thoughts about this...
By Mira25 12 years ago :: General
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