My boyfriend has been texting his ex-girlfriend for over a year behind my back and she doesn't know about me

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 1/2 yrs. I recently found out that he had spoken to his ex-girlfriend. Originally he said he talked to her about 3 times about 1 year ago. Then he said it was 2yrs ago, then he said 3yrs ago!!! He couldn't tell me who called who and said he's had no contact since then and I'm making to much of a big deal. But never anything one way or another.

a few days ago i found text messages between them that date back 2011 which is when he got this particular phone. There may be texts between form before that, but I will never know.

the texting has been going on behind my back all this time and he has never even told her that he's been in this relationship with me.

Now admits he met her 1 time for 1 beer and has never talked to her on the phones.

Says this is not lying or cheating even though some of these texts imply a little more than friendship.

What would you think?
By gottaask 12 years ago :: Dating
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