Finding past relationship sex toys, brign up the issue or not?

We are in a serious relationship, we've been together not long, 10 months and we've known each other since we were 15, now early 30's. We know we want to have a serious future together, marriage and all that stuff...but it's too early to go in deep for those conversations just yet and we are both fine with that. We are getting reacquainted and knowing more about each other everyday we spend together and loving it.

We stay at each other's place alternating the 7 days a week. He left this morning for a business trip and I lightly picked up after both of us, no major clean up just picking up a few things before heading out like we both do for each other if one leaves earlier for work than the other. While putting back a jacket in his closet I see an opened box of a sex swing that wasn't meant for us, but a past relationship (not exactly really well hidden either).
I was disgusted at first, but not about the swing (something I would try with him if asked) it's the fact that he'd keep something like that around is what hurt my feelings.
Knowing how I felt of past sex toys, only new ones are accepted, bought together and with each other in mind. I don't think anyone wants to share previously used sex toys with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?? We had this conversation early in our dating days.

Should I bring this up? How should I? I don't want to seem like I was rummaging through his things because that was never the case and never felt the impulse either. I trust him. But this hurt me. Advise please!

By neblinas 15 years ago :: Dating
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