What can you do when you really love someone that's high maintenance but know you can't support her habits?

I am with this girl that I really care about but my problem is I just don't make enough money to support the type of spending she has been used to. Her family limited the money they give her since she's turned 25 and past guys she's dated have all been rich.

When she wants to go out, an average night for me can hit $500 which makes me have to eat ramen most nights by myself.

She's an awesome girl and I don't want to lose her but should I just end it now instead of later so I don't get hurt? I can see that when she says she wants to go somewhere and I say why not go here (cheaper), she makes a face and kind of rolls her eyes.

Should I just let her have it and go it's the spending or me and see what she does? Please help me.
By tallywhacker 15 years ago :: Dating
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