Is my boyfriend being insensitive?

I was blackmailed about 5 months ago with a sex tape from a guy I dated. My current boyfriend asked me to tape ourselves having sex. I agreed but asked to keep the tape. He responded by saying, "that's okay, leave the fun for everyone else." He said, "its not fair for me" and that he feels "burdened" by certain traumatic events in my life that cause me to be a little gun-shy. I am wondering how me being blackmailed all of a sudden has become his problem and why he isn't sensitive to my wanting to keep the tape. Why can't he just agree to have me keep it? What is the big deal? He feels I don't trust him, but I do trust him, I just want to keep it. What is wrong with me wanting to keep the tape?! Can anyone see why I would want to keep it and by me keeping it says nothing about my trusting him? If I didn't trust him, I wouldn't agree to tape at all. PLEASE HELP!
By Alawha 14 years ago :: Dating
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