I was a no-show for a good friends wedding. I'm sure she has reasons to be mad at me.

I feel bad because I RSVP, but I did not attend. I did not give her an explanation, because it was complicated. My boyfriend beat me up & tried to strangle me (just 3 days before this wedding). I spent 1 day in the hospital & many months in intensive counceling to deal with this battery situation. I had not stayed in contact with this friend after I missed her wedding (I was embarrassed about my situation). Plus I was living 800 miles away from Valparaiso at the time of the wedding. So I bumped into my lost friend a few months ago at a restaurant. She is hapily married & pregnant. She invited me to her baby shower (I RSVP, and I made sure to attend, even arriving early) She made a remark "Oh I am surprised you made it". I wonder if she still holds the wedding RSVP / no-show against me? How should I tell her all this bad stuff from my past? I am married now to this man & we have 2 children. We have improved our relationship. But I do not want everyone to know how bad of a past we had.
By ValpoMom33 15 years ago :: General
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