If I feel uncomfortable with my boyfriend meeting my chick friend, should I just not introduce them?

I have been friends with, let's call her "Oreo" for 8+ years. We met in 9th grade. She hasn't exactly been the best of friend to me - she can be very mean and condescending and she says she is just joking but it can be very hurtful to constantly hear some of these things. I don't take it too personally because she is like that with everyone, not just me. She is a smart, fun girl and I do care about her a lot. However, I have had three ver serious, LTRs in the time that I've known her, and every single one of those boys developed a thing for her, and she has shamelessly flirted with all of them. Everytime it happened it p*ssed me off but she always denied that she was doing it. (She pretty much feels that she never does anything wrong...sigh)
Now I am with a new guy, let's call him "Sugar". Just for fun. I don't want Sugar to meet my friend Oreo. Mostly because of my bad history with her and my boyfriends. Partly because I am really falling hard for Sugar..and I don't want to lose him. I don't think he would leave me for her (she does have a boyfriend at the moment) but I also don't need the stress of constantly worried what is going on between my lover and my best friend. Can I get an opinion on this..? Should I try to get over it an introduce them? (She has been trying to get me to bring him over..which kind of puts a red flag up but maybe it's just because she is curious. However - we only see each other like once every few months because she lives 2 hours away and out schedules hardly ever sync up) Should I possibly say goodbye to my untrustworthy friend and let go of 8 years of my past with her? Or should I just keep doing what I'm doing, keep Oreo as a friend, and just not let Sugar meet her. Thanks in advance for any and all help. I know there are a few regulars on here with great insight. :)
By Bamvytar 15 years ago :: Dating
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