Am I being a jerk to my bf or is he just too needy?

Well I've been dating my bf for a year and four months. There have been pretty good times. There was a long time where I spent everyday at his house. I would wake up extra early and go visit him in the morning. Then in the afternoon I'd visit him again. I did little socializing with my friends. I basically continued friendships among his own friends and stuff. Eventually I got tired of waking so early. I wanted hand out with friends. He joined a sport so I was glad to have the free time. But now he wanted to sleep together all night through the phone. I didn't like it much. The phone got heated or sometimes I was too tired to stay on the phone.

Then when he finished the sport he wanted to hang out a lot like before. I just liked spending time with friends and hanging out rather than staying at his house with video games or napping.
On the last week before graduation I barely spoke to him. I spent my nights studying for finals and after taking tests I'd hang out for a bit and then go home to rest.
I guess I became distant but I tried to explain why and apologize for it. It also didn't help that I began having a crush on another person. But it's a crush, so nothing bad, he doesn't know anyway. He then acted cold towards me during graduation. When I tried to talk to him he said "what do you want?" He hasn't called me since.... he used to call me everyday.

I guess I should expect it. But am I being a jerk or is it just time for us to separate? I mean we are going to different colleges and my parents don't really like him (for shallow reasons though, not because he's bad)

He has stated that in the future we would have a family and he began naming kids we would have as well as how many and what his occupation would be. He is sweet. I just don't know if I should put the year to waste and leave.... I'm close to his family.... or move on... sometimes it can be the better option.
By Beaverhousin 14 years ago :: Dating
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