Whats wrong with dating only beautiful women 2

Either I failed to properly ask my question or those who replied have far greater issues than I do. In hopes it was the aforementioned and not the latter let me try this again. I am looking for a wonderful lady to have a serious, meaningful relationship with. I am currently 2 years out of my last, which lasted for 8 years. I date all kinds of women, and I often find these people intelligent, sweet, and generally interesting. However I am just not attracted to them. I used to take them out a few more times(not anymore now just 1 date typically)but always at some point they were developing stronger emotional ties than I was. I dated a lady for a few weeks and when I still had not kissed her it hurt her feelings, and it wasted her time. I just was not into her. I am not looking for just some shallow arm candy either. Thats easy to find! Like I previously said in my first post while I am not strikingly handsome I have always dated beautiful women ever since high school. I have not dated alot of women, nor would women just come flocking to me. I would just meet these amazing beautiful ladies who sincerely liked me(which always amazed me since I thought they were way out of my league). Fastfoward to now, I am relatively young 33, a top earner and work in a intersting field with access to alot of people on a daily basis. I have more women hitting on me now than ever before in my life, and that alone lets me know that most are attracted by that which I posses not which I am. And its a weird form of rejection all its own..trust me. I could shallowly bed beautiful ladies with little trouble, as you all suggested I wanted, but in fact I have few sexual encounters. I really dont nor have I ever wanted that. I just want to find some lady who likes me for me, and who I look at and my breath is taken away. I know true beauty is on the inside, and that is what fosters love, but sexual attraction is based on looks. My whole life all my romantic experiences have been with beautiful people, and I am just now noticing I cant seem to get attracted to anybody who is not. I try, it just does not happen. I do not want to be alone my whole life, nor do I want some perfect 10 gold digger who cant wait until I die. I know people who only date black women, or never date bald men...why cant I only date beautiful women? Should my wife not know she IS the most beautiful woman I have ever dated. Should she not be the best..not just what I finally settled for? I have worked hard my whole life beating the odds to become the man I am today, should I not do the same for love?
By SouthernGentCO 15 years ago :: Dating
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